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MasterSuggest will boost your niche analysis process. The software is still in production and now in open beta. There are many features, that are still being made, but the suggester already overpowers its competitors. Sign up now to take a spin and be one of the first to use MasterSuggest!

MasterSuggest will be a premium tool in the future, once it is complete. For now, there are no costs. The Signup is absolutely free.

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Sign up for the free trial right now. As the software is still in beta, your trial period will be extended until the software actually launches.

There are no hidden costs, just enjoy the tool and tell me what you think. I am open for suggestions. Although I cannot fulfill every wish, I might be able to to add the most requested features!

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Blazingly Fast

MasterSuggest uses parallel requests to retrieve suggestions. The amount of parallel requests can be configured to match your needs.


Tired of crashing desktop products? MasterSuggest runs in your browser based on latest web technology.

Runs Everywhere

MasterSuggest runs in your browser. It runs on your PC, Mac or mobile phone. The only thing you need is a browser and an internet connection.


MasterSuggest lets you configure the amount of parallel requests and delay between the requests.